Get to know our 2022 European LLVM Developers' Meeting speakers!

University of California, Irvine
Min-Yih "Min" Hsu is a Computer Science PhD student in University of California, Irvine. He has been...(read more)
Doctoral Student
ETH Zurich
Theo is a doctoral student in the AST lab at ETH Zurich under the supervision of Zhendong Su. His re...(read more)

Kunwar Grover is a compiler engineer at AMD, where he works on the MLIR-based compiler, IREE, with a...(read more)
PhD Student
University of Edinburgh
Arjun Pitchanathan is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, where he is advised by Tobias Gr...(read more)

Technical lead at Graphcore
Freelance Compiler Developer
Stefan started working with the LLVM JIT libraries in 2016 and soon found his way into upstream deve...(read more)

I am a Software Engineer at Meta on the Programming Languages & Runtimes team where I'm working to i...(read more)
Software Engineer
I currently work at Graphcore working on the compiler for the IPU, an accelerator for Machine Learni...(read more)

I’m a research engineer at CryptoLab, a pioneering company for developing homomorphic encryption fra...(read more)
Software Engineer
I am a Software Engineer on the Programming Languages & Runtimes team at Meta, where my focus is on ...(read more)

Computer music researcher, GRAME, Centre national de création musicale , Lyon, France.

Jez Ng has worked on toolchains at Meta for the last 8 years, and is particularly passionate about p...(read more)
Senior Engineering Manager
Artur is a principal compiler engineer at Azul. He joined the Falcon JIT compiler team in 2015. Over...(read more)

Senior Software Engineer at Graphcore

Huawei Open Source Technology Center
Bernhard "bero" Rosenkränzer is the toolchain maintainer of both Oniro (the Eclipse Foundation's Emb...(read more)
Compiler Engineer
Compiler engineer at Kalray since July 2021, I am working on their LLVM backend. Among other tasks, ...(read more)
Software Engineer
Jan Svoboda is a compiler engineer at Apple, where he's improving modular builds by integrating Clan...(read more)

LLVM backend developer since 2019 at Graphcore with a focus on (hardware) loop usability and optimis...(read more)
Compiler Engineer
Andrzej Warzynski is a Compiler Engineer at Arm

Nico works on Chromium, and on the build systems, compilers, linkers, and other tools used to build ...(read more)

SN Systems (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
After working in the games industry for a couple of years I started at SN Systems (Sony Interactive ...(read more)

Technical University of Darmstadt
Julian is a Postdoc in the Embedded Systems and Applications group at TU Darmstadt, working at the i...(read more)
Software Engineer
Fuchsia LLVM toolchain engineer by day, LLVM-MOS code generator author by night. LLVM enthusiast at ...(read more)

For the last decade, Mike has worked as a software engineer and architect, designing and implementin...(read more)

When Kristof was 11, he got access to his first computer. Obviously, he wanted to play games. The on...(read more)

Arm Ltd
Kiran is an engineer working in the Fortran Compiler Team at Arm Ltd. He is a member of the Flang co...(read more)

Software engineer using LLVM on my spare time (after using it for my MSc Thesis on JIT compilation).

Technical University of Munich
Tim is a postgraduate student at TU Munich, where he is studying for his M.Sc. in Computer Science. ...(read more)

TU Darmstadt
Sebastian Kreutzer is a PhD student at the Scientific Computing group at the Technical University of...(read more)
Assistant Professor
William Moses is a Ph.D. Candidate at MIT, where he also received his M.Eng in electrical engineerin...(read more)
Research Associate
Technical University of Munich
Ludger is a sixth-year PhD candidate at TU Munich working on approaches to the combination of modern...(read more)
PhD student
Johannes Kepler University, Linz
Christoph Pichler is a second-year PhD student in computer science at Johannes Kepler University in ...(read more)