Full Name
Cyril Six
Job Title
Compiler Engineer
Speaker Bio
Compiler engineer at Kalray since July 2021, I am working on their LLVM backend. Among other tasks, I am in charge of maintaining the scheduling on their target: improve the bundling, improve the scheduling model, tune the prepass scheduler, and eventually activate and tune the software pipeliner.

Before that, I did PhD studies in the CompCert compiler to introduce new formally verified optimizations profitable in particular to VLIW architectures (basic-block and superblock scheduling, bundling, loop unrolling/rotation, loop-invariant code motion). My main target was Kalray's architecture.

Compared to CompCert, LLVM has a much bigger codebase. I am thrilled to learn more about LLVM and its best practices.

- the Kalray company: https://www.kalrayinc.com/
- our LLVM fork: https://github.com/kalray/llvm-project
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Cyril Six