Round Table submissions are due by October 10. We may accept submissions onsite at the event as space allows.

Round Tables are informal discussions on a specific topic at the LLVM Developers' Meeting. The name comes from the idea of people gathered around in a circle to discuss a specific topic without the use of an A/V system (projector, microphones, etc) and without a formalized agenda or slide deck. These round tables can range in size, but the goal is to have people freely share ideas and work towards solutions together.

Who can propose a round table?
Absolutely ANYONE can propose a round table.You do not need to be a code owner or other leader. If you have a topic to discuss, then please propose a round table.

Are round tables recorded?
No. We want informal and open discussions. We do ask that organizers take anonymized notes to share with others after the conference. 

Is any A/V equipment provided?
No. We only provide a flip chart/white board to write notes to facilitate discussion.

How long are round table slots?
Round table slots are 30 or 60 minutes.

When are round tables held?
Round tables are held during the 2024 LLVM Developers' Meeting and have their own track. This means that round tables are occurring at the same time as talks in the other two conference tracks.