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Vassil Vassilev
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Dr. Vasil Vassilev is a researcher in the field of software engineering with Princeton University. His main research interests are in the field of programming languages ​​and systems for processing large amounts of data, where are his main achievements.

Vassil is a co-author of the interactive C++ interpreter, Cling, which facilitates the processing of scientific data in the field of high energy physics (HEP) and beyond. The interpreter was an essential part of the software tools of the LHC experimental program and was part of the software used to detect the gravitational waves of the LIGO experiment. As of 2020, Cling has helped to analyze 1 Exabyte physics data, which is the basis for the publication of over 1000 scientific publications in various scientific journals and conferences such as Nature, Physics Letters and Physical Review Letters.

For the last 10 years he has been working on the improvement of the specialized software package for processing exabytes of scientific data called ROOT. The software package is the basis of data analysis in experimental physics, playing a significant role in the discovery of the Higgs boson from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the large cavity in the Pyramid of Cheops. Led the integration (and occasional enhancements) of the C++ Modules in HEP. The task included problem-solving greatly aided by engineers from research facilities such as CERN and FermiLab, but also from Google, Apple and Facebook. As a result, Clang-based C++ Modules are used for type introspection in data analysis, at runtime, by over 100M lines of non-trivial, scientific C++.

He contributed to various successful and unsuccessful C++ proposals. He is responsible for the participation of Bulgaria in the ISO C++ standards committee and JTC1/SC22 since 2015. Works actively in the field of Data Science and a passionate promoter of interactive, differentiable C++ for Data Science. Authored the C/C++ automatic differentiation library, Clad, which enables efficient syntheses of derivatives and gradients.

Currently a Research Software Engineer with Princeton University, leading the efforts in interactive C++ (compiler-research.org). Worked for CERN, Switzerland and FermiLab, USA. Computer Science PhD in the area of Visual Programming Languages at University of Plovdiv, “Paisii Hilendarski”, 2015.
Vassil Vassilev