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Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Static Analysis in Clang
The Clang ecosystem has multiple static analysis tools. The compiler can produce easy to understand error and warning messages. The Clang Static Analyzer (CSA) is capable of finding bugs that span across multiple function calls using symbolic execution. Clang Tidy can help modernize large code bases using automatic code rewrites. While there are some out of tree Clang-based static analysis tools, CSA and Clang Tidy were the go-to solutions for the static analysis needs of the community. However, during the last year, a couple of RFCs surfaced on the mailing list to add a dataflow analysis framework to Clang and introduce a MLIR based new IR. Come and join this panel discussion to learn how to get involved in the ongoing static analysis projects, what the new proposals mean for our loved and proven tools, and what does the future holds for static analysis in Clang. You will have the opportunity to ask questions from some of the code owners of these tools, and authors of the new proposals.
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Hayes Ballroom - Main Level