The LLVM Foundation is excited to announce our first virtual Community.o Summit. This 3-day virtual event is an inclusive space for underrepresented groups and newcomers, anywhere in their career, interested in learning and contributing to compilers, tools, and programming languages. We’ll highlight members from different open source communities making incredible efforts to support a thriving environment. Summit attendees  will enjoy interesting talks, panels, workshops, and have ample networking opportunities. Additionally, this summit  will be engaging for anyone interested in increasing the diversity within the LLVM community or their related affiliations.

  • Registration for this event is free! If you are interested in attending please visit Apply to Attend
  • Community.o is a LLVM Foundation initiative that aims to “link” communities together and increase the diversity and inclusivity within the LLVM Project and the field of compilers and tools. 
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These 10 minute talks provide an introduction to the breadth of opportunities possible within open source, programming language, compiler, and toolchain technologies domains. Attendees will be exposed to a diverse set of exciting efforts from our represented communities, many coming directly from the LLVM Project. 


These are opportunities to interact and problem solve with other members in the community for a shared purpose. Attendees split into groups focusing on an aspect of their specific purpose and then reconvene to determine action items which can then be applied back into our community.


These 25 minute talks cover a wide array of topics ranging from personal career development of diverse technical contributors to the many different initiatives that drive and enrich open source communities.



These are free-form question and answer style conversations with individuals who have a strong background in their respective organization’s efforts in enforcing a supportive and productive community which positively impacts the software and projects they contribute to.


Opportunities to meet and network virtually with other attendees.



Registration is free to attend the Community.o Summit. However, in order to support an engaging and interactive experience, per session attendance is limited and each attendee will have a maximum number of sessions they can attend. If you are interested in attending the summit, we invite you to apply. This application takes about 10 minutes to complete and inquiries about level of interest, current relation to the highlighted open source communities, and demographic information. 

We encourage potential attendees to apply early in order to have the best selection of individual sessions. Once your application is received, you will receive notification regarding registration within 2 weeks.  

Please reach out to LLVM@blineevents.com if you have any questions about the application or registration process.


The LLVM Foundation is dedicated to providing an inclusive and safe experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form. All attendees are expected to read and abide by the LLVM Code of Conduct. If you have questions or need to reach the Code of Conduct response team during the event, please email conduct@llvm.org..

Community.o is a LLVM Foundation initiative which aims to increase participation from a wide and diverse set of contributors to the LLVM Project and the field of compilers and tools. The name is inspired by the compilation model where object files link together for a final program, much like how folks from different backgrounds come together to make up llvm’s community and shared goal of inclusivity.

The LLVM Foundation is a nonprofit that supports the LLVM Project. We support the LLVM community by helping it to grow, foster community interactions, work to keep LLVM development productive through infrastructure, and work to ensure the long term health of the LLVM project.

Please reach out to LLVM@blineevents.com if you have any technical issues, or questions with the registration process.