Session Type
Round Tables
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

The following roundtables are scheduled, but please check the board outside the room for additional roundtables added during the event.

C++ standard library    
Everything related to the C++ standard library. How is your development experience using the standard library? What new features would you like to see implemented the most? How is your experience using the recently-implemented features, like C++20 Ranges? Please let us know!

Supporting Minimum Addressable Units Wider Than 8-Bits in Clang/LLVM    
How can we move to a Clang/LLVM which can efficiently support a minimum addressable unit other 8-bits? Some possible topics to discuss:
* Where are we post-opaque pointers
* Redefining C char to wider than 8-bits
* What to do with alignment in LLVM IR
* How to handle strings?
* Allowing 8-bit integers for compatibility and testing
* Miscellaneous fixes in LLVM"

Location Name
San Martin - Lower Level